Your HR and business leaders will have their critical insights at their fingertips, in an intuitive user interface. Always up-to-date and actionable insights to improve your top and bottom line. Not a one time advice but continuous value delivery.

We bring you and your HR function beyond the traditional barrier of descriptive insights only showing what happened.

JiGSO uses current and historical data to provide strategic intelligence on different levels:

descriptive analysis: what happened?

diagnostic analysis: why did it happen?

predictive analysis: what will happen?

prescriptive analysis: how can we make it happen?

Advanced algorithms,
ai & machine learning

The JiGSO data scientists and engineers use a wide variety of algorithms, statistics and machine learning techniques to deliver optimal, reliable results. Thanks to direct links with universities worldwide, state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms are available which outperform standard solutions.

As the mathematical models are trained by multiple datasets of a wide range of organizations and industries, JiGSO users will benefit immediately from the previously collected knowledge and trained models.

Always up-to-date intelligence

We don’t stop when the data is in the system. We are fully dedicated to permanently deliver you with critical insight, allowing you to take the best data-driven decisions.

JiGSO heatmap
JiGSO feed

Message feed

instant delivery of new insights

recurrent updates of your business critical predictions

interactive interface

Insights library

all historical and current insights in one place

easy to share and ready to present one pagers

JiGSO library
JiGSO dashboard


all your critical people and business metrics in one place

trend analysis and alerts

suggested action

descision making

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