Instantly elevate your performance with real-time feedback

Recognize and reward your team members’ hard work and achievements in real-time.

Easily send messages of appreciation, congratulations, and constructive feedback to your team members with just a few clicks.

Don’t wait until the annual review to give feedback and praise. Try our Instant Feedback and Praise module today and empower your team to achieve their best.

Give feedback to anyone

Give instant feedback any time, to anyone. No need to wait for formal review cycles.

Fun and easy

Spread joy with clever cues and engaging messages

Visibility at demand

Share praise between colleagues & managers or go for a public shoutout.

Let every employee shine with JiGSO Listen

Discover more features

360° Feedback

Voer impactvolle en pijnloze prestatie-, 360°-, project- of leiderschapsbeoordelingen uit die gemakkelijk op te zetten en te voltooien zijn

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