Birdseye view

The days of manually analysing all survey responses are over!

The Employee Listen module comes with advanced analytics so you can view at a glance how the whole company or specific teams are scoring on different topics or competences.

AI driver analyse

AI Key Driver Analysis

Understand what drives your people and how they feel within the organisation with AI powered analysis. 

The AI driver analysis will automatically screen the answers to open questions and will recognise the main topic and general sentiment attached to it.

Slice & Dice

Easily compare different demographic groups to see how well one is scoring from the other on a specific survey throughout the company.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

By just asking one question, “How likely are you to promote working for our company?”, you get very valuable data to determine if your company’s HR policy is paying off and if the employees would recommend working for your company. The responses are anonymous but you can see how good your score is in each specific team.

Talent Box

Powerful analytics tools to keep track of your top performers

AI recommendation engine

With the help of AI, our recommendation engine analyses the Employee Listening surveys for each team and proposes next steps and scripts on how to improve on a topic where the team scored less than average.

Check out our free stuff to see what kind of recommendations are available in the platform.