Build high performing teams

Team Listening allows you to keep a pulse on your teams and gives them the insights and tools to thrive and perform

360 degree team feedback

Allow your employees to ask and give feedback

Instant Feedback

Highlight positive efforts and brilliant moments and give your people a simple, human way to acknowledge each other.

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Culture scan


Custom Surveys

Baseline Measurement

9 second
Mood Pulse

Skill Harvesting

360° Feedback

Team Pulse

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Check out our technical qualities

Privacy and Data Protection

Our technical infrastructure guarantees 100% GDPR-compliance.

Multilingual Platform

Available in multiple languages, including Dutch, French, and English.

You Control the Buttons

Self-Service module that allows to easily launch surveys, change teams, or add users.

System Integration

Connect with your existing data sources and software without a hassle.

Flexible Setup

No IT required. Incredibly easy to set up and use. You do not need to install extra software.

Fully Customisable

Customise the look and feel of the application to your organisation’s style guides

Fine-grained Access-control

You decide who gets access to which information at what time.

Dedicated Support

Once you’re up and running, we continue to give you extensive support and expertise.

Team Listening

Easily measure the pulse of your teams and give them the tools and insights to thrive and perform. Request your free team scan.

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360° Feedback

Run impactful and painless performance, 360°, project, or leadership reviews that are easy to set up and complete — and highly beneficial.

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