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VIDEO - JiGSO Listen - When teams thrive, organisations triumph

JiGSO Listen pitch

JiGSO Listen is an innovative employee listening tool that gives teams the insights and tools to build a culture of psychological safety and team cohesion

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HR Analytics videos: Employee Turnover

Employee churn or turnover – the rate at which employees leave a workforce and are replaced – can be a severe problem for many organisations. Even if the time and cost of investment (recruitment, hiring, training) are considered relatively low for a given workforce, it will always be non-zero. Additionally, we are all too aware of the impact on team morale and company image

In these video series, Data Scientist Thomas Stainer explains how Survival Analysis can help you understand employee churn.

HR Analytics videos: Model Explainability

Although the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning have been around for quite a while, most people are only now beginning to become acquainted with the technology. Therefore, blindly trusting the prediction that came out of a black box model might still sound quite daunting to most.

In this video series, Data Scientist Wout Goossens opens up the black box by introducing the concept of Model Explainability.