JiGSO Listen pitch

JiGSO Listen is an innovative employee listening tool that gives teams the insights and tools to build a culture of psychological safety and team cohesion

Working with teams, we often focus on the in- and output but we forget the throughput

We look at skills, composition, numbers, experience and just hope that the magic will happen and that teams will deliver results: both business results and people results.

What we are not sure about, is the throughput. The psychological concepts above, like psychological safety, inclusion and belonging are very well researched and have a significant impact on the throughput, on the team dynamics.
They make a good team, with the right people, at the right place, actually perform.

Based on this research, and combining our experience in science, machine learning and data-science, we built JiGSO Listen. Giving teams the insights and the tools to start working with that. Not just hoping for the magic, but start building the magic.  

Or as Siska D’Hoore, HR-director of the National Bank of Belgium said: 

Our employees must dare to question existing situations in order to make changes possible. They must not be afraid to express new ideas. To analyse this safety situation in our own teams, we used Jigso Listen

How does that work?

With JiGSO Listenwe give the insights and the tools to the teams themselves.  

The web-based platform guides teams through a three-step learning loop:

  • ASK: asking the right questions based on validated surveys with regards to their team dynamics
  • ANALYSE: giving the right insights, to the whole team and fully transparant so everyone is co-owner of the results
  • ACT: generating actionable advice with our machine learning recommendation engine. Teams can immediately put those recommendations into practice with our scripts, tools, and tutorials.
As a business leader you can also always access the platform and manage your teams, but most importantly look how everyone is doing so you can actually go to data-driven action.

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