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JiGSO is a web-based employee experience platform that empowers your employees and teams with the insights and tools to create psychological safety, work on cohesion and focuses on feedback and continuous performance management

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Who is JiGSO Listen for ?

For HR and business leaders

Key Insights

Built-in analytics and dashboards with trends and heatmaps for granular insights

Slice & Dice

View on whole organisation with insights into when, where, and how to intervene

Ready for take off

Foundation for a data-driven HR & learning strategy

For team members & managers

Fully Transparent

Dashboards are available for all members so teams can take full ownership of their results.

Trends and Benchmarks

Track your team progress and compare data against organisational level

Actionable advice

A recommendation engine with advice on what to do first and how

For Employees

Give employees a voice

Spread joy with clever cues and engaging messages

Continuous Feedback

Give feedback any time, to anyone. No need to wait for formal review cycles

Develop your people

Promote a culture of rapid development and learning

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We have a lot of tools that are accessible in our platform.

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How it works

Ensuring high-performing and engaged teams is not a one-off event. It requires ongoing monitoring, insights and practical action plans. 

JiGSO Listen goes beyond collecting feedback and data from your team members. 

With the “ASK – ANALYSIS – ACT” method, you install a learning loop that ensures continuous growth and improvement of your teams.


The continuous capturing of data throughout the ASK – ANALYSE – ACT flow leads to a feedback loop. This loop ensures that there are no one-off sessions anymore, because results and actions from a previous wave are taken into account for the next wave.

In this way, both your people and the platform enter a cycle of continuous learning and evolving.

Work with the tools
you already use

With our integrations, you can seamlessly import employee data from your HRIS, log in with Single Sign-On, receive updates, add information, and much more.

People ❤️ JiGSO

Ask yourself following questions

Do you feel that not everything is being said in your team?

Does everyone work on their own island and does this obstruct good teamwork?

Faced with a lack of visibility into Individual and Team Performance Metrics?

Facing challenges in Recognizing Emerging Leaders Within Your Organisation?

Troubled by apparent harmony in your team?

Does the real team meeting take place at the coffee machine ?

If you answer “yes” to at least one of these, you should consider JiGSO.
It’s simple to start, and easy to use. 

Your teams will thank you for it.