What’s the idea?

JiGSO opens the black box of people strategy and business performance. It gives you deep insights into the past, current and future state of your organization. For the sake of the insight? No, to drive strategic decision making!
JiGSO combines large sets of HR metrics with robust corporate information such as financial indicators and performance data. It applies algorithms and machine learning to offer intel about your main performance drivers. As a result you can align the people strategy with your business strategy to ultimately crack the performance code.

JiGSO in the middle of all your data

jigso schema

crunch - crack - beat - repeat

  • collect people and performance data
  • clean datasets
  • combine datasets
  • visualize data
  • configure dynamic cockpit
  • analyze past and present performance
  • detect correlations
  • comprehend causal relations
  • predict future evolutions
  • gain business and people intel
  • get actionable insights
  • shortlist appropriate actions
  • take focused action(s)
  • create data awareness
  • make data meaningful
  • collect new data from action(s)
  • optimize machine learning
  • repeat, repeat, repeat…

the making of

motulus logo

Motulus (Belgium based, founded July 2015) delivers end-to-end integrated business solutions, based on software and mathematical modeling. Since 2015, AI and machine learning solutions were delivered for customers in a wide range of domains, from predictive machine maintenance to smart planning. Check:

beanmachine logo

Beanmachine (Belgium based, founded April 2015) is a consultancy cooperative operating in the field of Organizational Development. With a team of 18 seasoned business and people advisors they support organizations in aligning their culture, structure and people with their strategy. Beanmachine offers a unique blend of proven methodology, intervention power, business acumen and state of the art tooling. Check:

Together Motulus and Beanmachine have served numerous clients in multiple sectors, from scale-ups to multinationals. Some of their clients include: Atlas Copco, BNP Paribas, BASF, EDF, ASML, Carrefour, Johnson & Johnson, AXA, Kind & Gezin, Barco, Lineas, Belfius, BP, ING, Pfizer, …

JiGSO founded by Motulus + Beanmachine

JiGSO is fully owned by Motulus (40%), Beanmachine (40%) and staff & friends (20%). Everyone involved has real skin in the game. No venture capital looking for short term return but only co-owners who are fully dedicated to our customers’ sustainable success.

JiGSO people

jigso 3
Hans Donckers
Founder & Strategy and solution design
jigso 3
Benjamin Algoet
Founder & Technology
jigso 3
Jan Bal
Strategy and solution design
jigso 3
Koen Cuyckens
business and HR metrics
jigso 3
Johan Andries
software, applications & algorithms
jigso 3
Bruno Vanneste
customer solutions
jigso 3
Przemyslaw Klosiewicz
math, algorithms & software
jigso 3
Joeri Bollaerts
graphic and UX design

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