How are your people really functioning?

Teams are the molecular unit of the modern organisation.

It’s where the magic happens. Effective communication and synergy among team members foster creativity and enhance organisational performance.

It’s where the shit happens. Lack of collaboration and unclear group goals may result in friction between team members and affect the team’s productivity.

Can you measure how your teams are really doing? Can you kickstart an open team discussion and work together on issues?

Employee Listening allows you to keep a pulse on your people and gives them the insights and tools to thrive and perform

Create belonging and inclusion

Companies where everyone feels like they belong perform better

Drive team

Align everyone on purpose and goals

Increase wellbeing and resilience

Foster a supportive environment where people feel happy, healthy and engaged

How it works

Ensuring high-performing and engaged teams is not a one-off event. It requires ongoing monitoring, insights and practical action plans. 

JiGSO Listen goes beyond collecting feedback and data from your team members. 

With the “ASK – ANALYSIS – ACT” method, you install a learning loop that ensures continuous growth and improvement of your teams.


The continuous capturing of data throughout the ASK – ANALYSE – ACT flow leads to a feedback loop. This loop ensures that there are no one-off sessions anymore, because results and actions from a previous wave are taken into account for the next wave.

In this way, both your people and the platform enter a cycle of continuous learning and evolving.

Ready to lift your teams to a higher level?

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