Welcome to the Take-Away Zone!

On this page you will find some free examples of scripts and tools that can be found in the Team Listening library.


Psychological Safety Survey

Psychological Safety is an essential component of a positive work environment. Use this survey to discover the strengths and the challenges of the team, and also to receive actionable advice on what to do to develop as a team.


Feedback Circle

The feedback circle is a great exercise to discover the power of giving and receiving feedback. It’s goal is to foster personal and team growth through reflection and an open conversation.


Fika Break

Fika is a ritual where a conversation is being held with no agenda in mind. It is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude, and an important part of Swedish culture. All Swedes consider it important to take a pause.


Trust Cards

Use this card set to start an honest conversation about the current team culture and to discuss small actions you could take to improve it.


Failure Sessions

Use this script when you have the feeling that failure is taboo or if team members feel they are quickly penalised if they make a mistake.


Inclusion Canvas

Inclusion is about the degree to which all team members feel that they are part of the team (belongingness) and that they can be their authentic self (uniqueness).