What is JiGSO Listen?

Short explainer video introducing JiGSO Listen and how this smart platform can help your teams thrive and your organisation triumph.

We know that teams are important. They are the backbone of every productive organisation. We also know that team success is influenced by underlying team dynamics such as giving feedback and embracing failure and conflict.

But how do we gauge these metrics?

Now that hybrid working is the new normal, it’s not easy to keep track of your teams.

This is where JiGSO Listen comes in: a smart solution that reveals how your teams are really functioning. How does this work?

The JiGSO Listen platform helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your teams by regularly checking in on them.

  • The team leader simply adds their team members to the web-based platform and starts by launching one of the evidence-based questionnaires.
  • All team members receive an invitation with a personal,
    secure link and fill in the survey
  • In the team dashboard, they receive insights on the spot. This transparency not only empowers the team but also helps them pinpoint what the issue is
  • In their next team meeting, they discuss the results and turn these insights into actions with the help of tailor-made and science-based recommendations.
  • With this support, they can implement small team rituals and practices with huge effects on team culture, team performance, and productivity.
  • Meanwhile, HR managers & business leaders receive a granular view of the entire organisation getting insights into when, where, and how to intervene to empower their teams

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VIDEO - JiGSO Listen - When teams thrive, organisations triumph

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JiGSO Listen is an innovative employee listening tool that gives teams the insights and tools to build a culture of psychological safety and team cohesion

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