Strategic Workforce Planning with JiGSO Analytics

We live in a world marked by change. There’s a constant change in our way of working and in work requirements or skills. To give an example: fifteen years ago, marketing departments were filled with creative people brainstorming on sexy baselines and attractive images. Today, they’re populated by data nerds and IT geeks. 

Anticipating these changes is crucial. Asking yourself the question: do I have the right people with the right skills in my organisation? Strategic Workforce Planning helps you cover the gap between the skills you have today and the skills you need tomorrow. 

Strategic Workforce Planning starts with mapping

Planning the right people with the right skills and the right tasks benefits you on two levels:

  • on the financial level: it will save you money 
  • on the wellbeing level: your employees will be happier because they’re cast for the right role.

Before you can start planning your workforce and optimise supply and demand of skills, you first have to map the skills in your workforce.

Your HR department gathers a lot of information on your employees (name, date of birth, address, job title, …). But a critical thing they often lack is a granular view on the skills that are represented by your employees. 

JiGSO offers you the tools to map the skills of your workforce in a very structured way. Collecting the skills and connecting it to your other employee data.

But why stop there? As a machine learning company, we can also predict and simulate the workforce needs in the future. With strategic workforce planning you can anticipate these future needs and detain and attract the right people with the right skills.


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