Workforce Insights with JiGSO Analytics

Your HR department is sitting on a large pile of personal, strategic and financial data. In the same way marketing departments use data to get more intelligence into their consumers, you can use your data to get more insights into your employees. 

You can rely on your HR personnel to allocate their limited resources to spitting through unstructured datasheets, or you can rely on the JiGSO Analytics engine.

Putting your data to work, not your people.

JiGSO Analytics collects, cleans, and connects data from different sources within your organisation. We tap into your current and historical data and transform it into real time, accurate intelligence. Organised and visualised in the JiGSO Analytics dashboard.

With the customizable interface of the JiGSO Analytics dashboard you have all your critical workforce insights at your fingertips. Always up-to-date and accurate, ready to share with internal and external stakeholders.

One single source for all your workforce insights

Analysing your data and visualising your workforce insights, the JiGSO dashboard provides you and your team with:

  • an instant overview of the most relevant KPIs: headcount, turnover and productivity
  • downloadable graphs to use in personal documents and presentations
  • key financial metrics: revenue, EBITDA, salary costs
  • a message feed with automatic and instant delivery of new insights 
Want to know more? Discover how JiGSO Analytics can help you build a data-driven HR strategy with Strategic Workforce Planning and Predictive Analysis